"I'm your host Rob Cook and this is Contenders Wanted..."

Who is this guy and why did he start the podcast?

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Hello Contenders! 

This is Rob Cook, your host for the Contenders Wanted Podcast. I'm your typical All-American guy. I grew up in a fairly small town, worked hard, played sports in high school, went off to college, got a degree, married a wonderful woman, started a family, and began building a career.

But then something happened. I found myself hitting a wall. Nothing was wrong, I just wanted to be better and achieve more, but couldn't figure how to take it to the next level.

I started listening to podcasts, reading books, and talking to everyone who I knew who was successful.


But then I noticed something.


I had a hard time connecting with some of the guests and hosts of other shows because they either had no family to take care of or they made huge sacrifices of things I felt were non-negotiables, like their faith, their families, or their health.  

What’s more is that I grew up in a big, loving family where my grandpa had worked hard, started a very successful business and taught us that all his success was never about the money, it was about his family and blessing other people.


So I knew it could be done.


I just needed to find the blueprint.

And so Contenders Wanted was born.

On the show we don’t talk about a particular strategy. Instead we dive deep into the inflection points of our guest’s journey’s.

Those moments where they went from Contender to Champion.

Instead of diving into “what” strategy our client’s used to solve their money issues, we instead focus on “how” they chose it and “why'' they were successful.

We dive into these inflection points and look for the necessary habits, mindsets, and choices they made that enabled them to be successful, so we can discover our own roadblocks and clear them out and get in the fast lane to financial freedom.

So, if you won’t accept anything less than total financial freedom combined with real meaningful success in the most important areas of your life, you might be a Contender.

If you listen to podcasts everyday on your commute trying to figure out how to solve your money problems or figure out what you need to do to create the life you dream of, you might be a Contender.

If that's you, then join us where Contenders are always wanted.

Hey, wanna learn more about our host?

Hey guys, I'm not huge into social media other than for the podcast but if you'd like to learn more about me and what I do, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn by clicking on the LinkedIn button to the right or by entering the URL below in your browser.

LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/contenderswanted/