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STEP 2: Congratulations and Bonuses

STEP 3: Final Details

Congratulations & Welcome

But wait!! Before you download Elements

Check out this bonus only available RIGHT NOW

Get a 60-minute "New Memeber 1-on-1" for $50 off the regular price by booking today.



Yes!! Give me the exclusive new member 1-on-1 (normally $150) for $100!!

Where I can talk to MY financial professional, get MY financail questions answered and FINALLY see clearly my financial situation 

NOTE: By clicking on this button you are giving us permission to charge you $100 for the exclusive new member meeting. 

Here's what you'll get out of your New Member Meeting

  • Answers to your current financial questions

  • A discussion of your short, mid, and long-term financial goals

  • A review of your Elements Scores and an assessment to help you see areas where you could improve your financial health.

  • Suggestions  to improve your overall finanical health A

  • Action items to bring you closer to your goals

  • And a one page summary meeting report of our conversation and action items.

Screen Shot 2023-02-18 at 1.25.15 AM.png

Sample Meeting Report

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